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Dear Accountant

Nov 11, 2021

Hi everyone, this is Cece, thanks for tuning in. I cannot believe there's only 2 months left so I want to finish this year strong! Things have been great and I have been traveling a lot so I am exhausted! Aside from the 3 remaining episodes for this season, I have so many bonus episodes I'd like to share!

Recently I got a lot of questions about pay and compensation, so I thought I’d re-broadcast this chat I had with David Weaver earlier this year during the lockdown.

David is the award-winning author and podcast host called Pay Matters.

Compensation is such a sensitive topic and most of us do not feel comfortable talking about it. We all want to get paid fairly and competitively for what we do.

How much are you worth? Compensation is never just about money.  What matters to people at different stages of life should be taken into account.  But I do think people care about company culture and values, flexibility, community and contributions, and the sense of belonging, feeling that they are part of something greater than themselves. We all want to have a truly fulfilling personal and professional life.

Enjoy the episode!


About David Weaver:

David is the President of Compensation and HR group.  He's also the award-winning author of Pay Matters: The Art and Science of Employee Compensation. He's an influential and highly skilled Compensation Consultant with extensive experience working with senior leaders in Human Resources to design and implement compensation programs seamlessly.  He has strong background in compensation program design, salary surveys, base pay, incentive plans, executive compensation, total rewards, sales incentives, performance management, job evaluation, global compensation, FLSA reviews and employee engagement surveys.

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