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Dear Accountant

Apr 12, 2021

Jody Padar, known as the radical CPA, began her “radical journey” 13 years ago. Jody was at an old-school firm with seven partners. As a young staff member, Jody was working an insane number of hours. When she became a mother, Jody knew the culture of the firm was just not right for her.  That’s when she decided to join her dad’s firm. One of the first things he said to her was, “this is my practice, and you’ll need to go find your own customers.” And that was the best advice he ever gave Jody.  Today, Jody Padar is vice president of strategy at Botkeeper, Inc., an accounting software firm based in the Chicago area. As one of the profession’s visionary thought leaders, Jody has redefined the business model of an accounting practice. 

Each episode of "Dear Accountant" is packed with actionable advice to help young finance professionals get ready for their next big thing!

Hosted by Cecilia ”Cece” Leung, CPA. Cece is as smart as she is personable. For over two decades, Cece honed her professional skills in the corporate world working for powerhouse firms like JP Morgan, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ernst & Young. As an Chinese emigrant, Cece also offers a real-world empathetic perspective of a female, minority business owner.