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Dear Accountant

Nov 21, 2021

As you know, I am an accountant by training and spent my career in capital markets and investment funds for the past 2 decades. As an Asian female, my career journey has definitely been a roller coaster journey to say the least. I am sure you have heard it all, or maybe even experienced it yourself - being treated like an outsider. Feeling like you have to prove yourself all the time. Struggling to make your voice heard. Whether it’s overt discrimination or more subtle forms of bias, male-dominated industries like engineering and banking can pose huge challenges for women. But I gotta say, despite all the obstacles, I also got a lot of guidance and support from women and men, and eventually found my place.

I am so honored to have Florence Hudson to be on the show this week to talk about the topic on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Accounting and Math) ahead with resilience! I love her energy, and her backstory is fascinating - I am impressed and seriously do not know how she does it all! She’s a proven success that no matter what life throws at her, she continues to keep moving forward and rise above challenges.


Florence is the Founder & CEO of FDHint, LLC, a consulting firm focused on advanced technologies, diversity and inclusion. She’s an aerospace and mechanical engineer by training, was a Former Chief Technology Officer at IBM, a Chief Innovation Officer, and an aerospace engineer at Grumman and NASA.  She is Executive Director for the NSF funded Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub at Columbia University, and formerly Special Advisor for TrustedCI – the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at Indiana University.  She serves on Boards at her alma mater Princeton, as well as Cal Poly, and Stony Brook Universities, Blockchain in Healthcare, and the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Standards Committee (EMB-SC).

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