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Dear Accountant

Jun 16, 2022

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I am so excited to invite my mentor, Penney Ooi, to chat about how to build an impactful business as an Asian female leader in the wealth management space! She is recognized as the first woman to achieve the highest field advancement level within World Financial Group, which is part of Transamerica, a fortune 500 company. She is a rare combination of visionary and master builder. Penney is a strong advocate for financial education and financial literacy - Through her career, she not only helped and impacted so many lives, she has also nurtured many successful leaders to become millionaires who are now proud business owners who enjoy true financial freedom.

In this episode, we chatted with Penney about her journey over the past 28 years, from moving to the US as an international student from Malaysia, got rejected by the top firms, to ultimately building her successful business empire Dream builder financial to serve the masses.
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Cecilia "Cece" Leung is a finance executive and CFO advisor to growing businesses who are ready to scale up financially and get ready for next-level opportunities. Cece is the author of the book Dear Accountant: Stories, Advice and Explorations, which offers up-and-coming professionals valuable insights and perspectives about the many career paths and opportunities under the accounting and finance umbrella.


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