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Dear Accountant

Jul 13, 2022

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Mentorship has been our core theme of this podcast, and ever since the pilot episodes, we kept getting endless questions about this topic. I’m excited to invite my mentor, Catherine Flax, to come back to have this coffee chat, while we rebroadcast the original episode so you can earn your CPE credit! As most of you know, Catherine is a strong champion for diversity and mentorship. You already know her story from my book, and even after knowing for over a decade, I continue to learn so much from her leadership, wisdom, empathy, and everything in life and work really. Let's see what she’s up to since the last time we chatted over a year ago on this podcast.



Catherine Flax has a distinguished multi-decade career across diverse industries and positions and has served in executive leadership roles in financial services, FinTech, and commodities. Her global endeavors alongside accomplished worldwide C-suite executives are certainly impressive, but what makes her unique is her deep sense of humanity and empathy, and her genuine interest in connecting with others.

Catherine is the President of Private Markets at X Machina Capital Strategies. She brings decades of experience in building successful businesses in commodities, financial services, technology, and professional services. She sits on the board of ISO-New England, Abaxx Technologies (ABXX.NE), Astor Perkins, BASE Carbon and Amperon.


Most recently, Catherine served as CEO of Pefin, the world’s first artificial intelligence financial advisor. Earlier, she worked at BNP Paribas, where she served as CEO, commodities, foreign exchange, and emerging markets. Catherine also worked at J.P. Morgan, serving as both CMO globally, as well as CEO, commodities EMEA. Catherine was named the “Most Influential Women in European Financial Markets”. She also is a board member at Cristo Rey Brooklyn Highschool, CareerSpring, Aggies on Wall Street Program at Texas A&M University, as well as a trustee at the Holy Family Church in New York City.





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